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Community Adherence Support Project (CASP)

Since March of 2007 CARe has operated the Community Adherence Support Project in partnership with Right to Care and the Themba Lethu Clinic at Helen Joseph Hospital.  The CASP initiative provides follow up services to clients from Themba Lethu HIV Clinic on antiretroviral treatment who have missed clinic appointments and defaulted on their course of ARV therapy for over 3 months.  Monthly, names and last known addresses of clinic clients are distributed among a team of Field Workers who then attempt to trace the defaulting clients.  When a client is found, the Field Worker investigates the reasons for defaulting and drawing from the training received from CARe, provides specific responses to findings including counselling the client on the importance of adherence to ARVs, and thus facilitates a successful return to treatment.  Referrals of such clients are often made by field workers to other CARe services such HBC, Counselling Services, support group activities and poverty alleviation projects.

The project has had an average tracing success rate of 80%.  Due to this success, in July of 2009 the project expanded to Alexandra Clinic and to the West Rand's Leratong Hospital. 

Youth Advocacy Project (YAP)

From July of 2009 CARe, together with Irish Aid, launched a new project called the Youth Advocacy Project (YAP) to operate in Gauteng and Limpopo.  Through YAP, youths are trained as peer educators in order to facilitate focus groups on issues surrounding HIV/AIDS.  Through the youth led forums, CARe will gather information related to the daily issues that youth are confronted with in relation to HIV, along with misinformation that exists among their peers. Using focus group discussions and peer administered questionnaires the project seeks to collect information on myths surrounding HIV and AIDS, social and cultural norms that are inhibitors to behaviour change, testing, treatment, care and support across gender lines.

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