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CARe’s training programme offers 10 fully accredited training courses in the following areas:


    • Basic Lay Counselling
    • Adherence Counselling
    • HIV/AIDS Awareness
    • Voluntary Counselling & Testing
    • Home Based Care
    • First Aid
    • Support Group Facilitation
    • Social Auxiliary Work
    • Community Health Work
    • Life Skills:
      • Communication
      • Positive Living
      • Job Interviewing Skills
      • Physical Health & Safety
      • Gender
      • Self Awareness
      • Sex & Sexuality
      • Community Outreach & Development
      • Business Skills

The training services developed by CARe are most frequently used for internal training purposes, enhancing and refreshing staff knowledge as well as instructing learners participating in the CARe Youth Service Programme. Counsellors and caregivers working in the community attend monthly training sessions on diverse topics relevant to their fields of service with regard to offering increased support to those living with HIV. In 2009, one hundred CYSP learners received training in the areas of Basic HIV, Home Based Care, VCT, Lay Counselling, Support Group Facilitation and Life Skills, all conducted by CARe's training staff.

Additionally, Community AIDS Response has partnered with businesses, governmental departments and healthcare organisations to provide trainings for employees involving different facets of HIV and AIDS, Reproductive Health and Counselling. Some of the outside institutions for which CARe has conducted trainings in the last year have been: BroadReach Healthcare, Imperial Car Rental and Johannesburg City Parks.

In the coming year, the Community AIDS Response Training Department plans to conduct a thorough update of all training materials in order to ensure that all who are trained receive the very latest with regards to HIV and AIDS prevention, treatment and care. An additional goal for the department is to increase outside training services provided so that the programme not only becomes self-sustaining, but also generates its own financial resources for expansion.

For more information, or to schedule professional training services, please email Lorraine Gumede at
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