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As one of Community AIDS Response’s core services to people living with HIV and AIDS, the Home Based Care (HBC) programme has continued to grow exponentially. Services offered by HBC are designed to support clients, and often entire families, who have needs beyond the care that is provided to them in a hospital or clinical setting. Trained caregivers are able to address clients’ needs holistically through palliative care, basic treatment of opportunistic infections and support in adhering to medication.
For each patient’s initial visit by Home Based Care, a nurse on staff at CARe accompanies the HBC caregiver to create an individual Nursing Care Plan unique to that client. An assessment is made of each person’s medical, physical and social needs and clinic referrals are made for any serious health complications that require a doctor’s attention. Typical visits from caregivers often include providing assistance with cooking, cleaning and bathing while training family members in ways that they can assist clients with day to day needs and medication adherence. This enables families to provide greater emotional support for those members living with HIV and AIDS.
For some clients without family, and for those who have elected not to disclose their HIV status to their friends and relatives, Home Based Care caregivers provide social and spiritual support. Caregivers are frequently the only people with whom clients feel comfortable to speak freely about their HIV status. For clients who have few people to turn to, caregivers often direct them to a local pastor or religious leader who can then assist with incorporating the client into a larger community of support. 
In addition to the HBC services that CARe provides to individuals and families in their homes, the large migrant population living in and around Johannesburg necessitates that HIV care and support be offered in less conventional settings as well. Located in the inner-city, Central Methodist Church has become a makeshift home for over 3,000 refugees. Within the walls of the church, CARe has established a Home Based Care unit where seriously ill residents are provided with support by caregivers and a staff nurse around the clock. In the year since this unit opened, over 450 men and women have spent time living in CARe’s HBC ward while regaining health and strength.
Home Based Care Interventions Clinical Spiritual Psychological/Social Preventative Family Services
Number of times provided 2008-2009 29,697 5,105 14,622 10,722 527
"CARE has played an important part in Gauteng and more broadly as a model organisation by delivering its services with sensitivity and passion and efficiency" The Hon. Mr Justice Edwin Cameron.
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