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Counselling is at the heart of many of the services that Community AIDS Response provides to those whose lives have been impacted by HIV. Located at 16 of Johannesburg’s major hospitals and clinics, CARe’s 67 counsellors continue to set the standard for comprehensive counselling services in the spectrum of issues surrounding HIV and AIDS. With counselling available to clients in areas that include VCT (Voluntary Testing & Counselling), Adherence Counselling, Bereavement Counselling, Couples Counselling, PMTCT (Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission), Befriending and TB Counselling, the support provided is essential for the emotional wellbeing of individuals infected with HIV and their families. 
In addition to counselling provided to individuals, CARe’s Counselling Managers also supervise 13 support groups offered in 9 clinic and hospital settings. Those who test positive for HIV are able to be referred to support groups tailored to specific populations ranging from pregnant mothers, youth and those requiring additional ARV adherence support. Information provided to clients during support group sessions cover a variety of topics including disclosure of one’s HIV status to loved ones, prevention of re-infection, PMTCT and side effects experienced from ARV treatment. The emotional support that those involved in support groups offer to one another is invaluable, often leading to deep personal friendships based on common experience and understanding.
CARe’s counsellors are also responsible for conducting health and wellness sessions at many of the service sites. While clients wait to be seen by medical staff, they are provided with information on HIV and AIDS, TB and STIs. These important educational forums often provide the encouragement needed for clients who choose to be tested for HIV.
Counselling Services 2008-2009 Number of Interventions Health Talk Topics Number of Participants
VCT Counselling 65,564 General Health/Wellness 121,751
Ongoing Counselling 3,775 Adherence 7,292
ARV Adherence Counselling 32,430 Adult Health 161
TB Education 2,755 Youth Health 724
Referred for Additional Services 53,070 PMTCT 1,722

"The reason we would like to continue using counsellors from CARe is that we are confident that their knowledge remains current and up to date. CARe regularly assesses the counsellors and identifies training needs." Sister Sue Roberts, HIV Clinic Co-ordinator, Helen Joseph HIV & ARV Clinic.

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