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Our Vision
A South Africa that uplifts and upholds the dignity of individuals and communities regardless of health and economic status.
Our Mission

To be the preferred organisation partnering with individuals and communities to find and cross the bridge that provides hope, opportunity and choices over HIV and AIDS and other chronic/communicable diseases in order to promote the well being and sustainability of communities.


Our Objectives
  • Provide comprehensive care and support addressing psycho-social counselling, voluntary counselling & testing and spiritual care needs
  • Inform and educate individuals and communities on HIV prevention, treatment and lifestyle imperatives
  • Follow up with patients who have defaulted on treatment in order to integrate them back to treatment
  • Promote sustainable and effective community responses to STIs, TB, HIV/AIDS and other communicable diseases in order to reduce their spread and impact in South Africa
  • Develop skills for delivering care and support in the health sector through training and capacity building
  • Provide home-based care and community-based palliative care to individuals and communities in need
  • Ensure that orphans and vulnerable children have access to basic rights including healthcare, nutrition, education and shelter in ways that respect their age, needs and HIV status
  • Follow up care for infants born to HIV+ women
  • Promote partner awareness of mother-to-child-transmission and methods of prevention
Our Values
  • Open Conversations
  • Dignity & Respect
  • Integrity & Honesty
  • Passion & Commitment
Brief History and Impact

Community AIDS Response (CARe) is a non-profit organisation, founded by Jenny Marcus and launched in November 2000. CARe started as a concerned community of volunteers’ response to the needs of people living with and impacted by HIV/AIDS. Nine years later, CARe still aims to provide quality holistic care and support for people living with HIV and AIDS, their families and the people who offer this care. CARe, through its dedicated team of professional and lay caregivers, volunteers, funders and supporters offers these services to the communities of Johannesburg through the hospitals and clinics and into people’s homes.


Our growth as an organisation has been due to the passion and commitment of our staff, volunteers and clients.

“I have been tremendously impressed with the level of commitment of CARe staff, the sophistication of the training that they receive, and the supervision and follow-up training that CARe provides. They work sensitively and well with the staff in the hospital, including other counselling NGO’s. I can not recommend them highly enough – any site that has CARe working there has a huge asset in assisting them with ARV rollout. “ Dr WD Francois Venter, Clinical Director of the Reproductive Health and HIV Research Unit.

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